All Tests

Plugin Time Result
jwp-a11y 4.1.4failure
jwp-a11y 4.1.2failure
jwp-a11y 4.1.1failure
jwp-a11y 4.1.0failure
jwp-a11y 4.0.9failure
jwp-a11y 4.0.7failure
jwp-a11y 4.0.6failure
jwp-a11y 4.0.5failure
jwp-a11y 4.0.3failure
jwp-a11y 4.0.2failure
jwp-a11y 4.0.0tool-crash
jwp-a11y 3.3.9ok
jwp-a11y 3.3.8ok
jwp-a11y 3.3.6ok
jwp-a11y 3.3.5warning
jwp-a11y 3.3.3warning
jwp-a11y 3.3.2warning
jwp-a11y 3.3.1warning
jwp-a11y 3.3.0warning
jwp-a11y 3.2.9warning
jwp-a11y 3.2.7warning
jwp-a11y 3.2.6warning
jwp-a11y 3.2.5warning
jwp-a11y 3.2.4warning
jwp-a11y 3.2.3warning
jwp-a11y 3.2.1warning
jwp-a11y 3.1.7warning
jwp-a11y 3.1.6warning
jwp-a11y 3.1.4warning
jwp-a11y 3.1.3warning
jwp-a11y 3.1.1warning
jwp-a11y 3.1.0warning
jwp-a11y 3.0.9warning
jwp-a11y 3.0.8warning
jwp-a11y 3.0.6warning
jwp-a11y 3.0.5warning
jwp-a11y 3.0.4warning
jwp-a11y 3.0.3warning
jwp-a11y 3.0.2warning
jwp-a11y 2.0.2ok
jwp-a11y 2.0.1ok
jwp-a11y 2.0.0ok
jwp-a11y 1.9.6ok
jwp-a11y 1.9.5ok
jwp-a11y 1.9.4ok
jwp-a11y 1.9.3ok
jwp-a11y 1.9.2ok
jwp-a11y 1.8.8ok
jwp-a11y 1.8.7ok
jwp-a11y 1.8.6ok
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