Automated Smoke Tests for WordPress Plugins

Find out if a plugin works with the latest version of WordPress.

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Plugin Time Result
SiteGround Optimizer 7.2.8ok Editing Toolkit 3.49783failure
WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder by CartFlows – Create High Converting Stores For WooCommerce 1.11.7probably-ok
Real Media Library: Media Library Folder & File Manager 4.18.23ok
Real Cookie Banner: GDPR (DSGVO) & ePrivacy Cookie Consent 3.4.5failure
Cookiebot CMP by Usercentrics | The reliable, flexible and easy to use consent solution by Usercentrics A/S 4.2.0ok
Icegram Express – Email Subscribers, Newsletters and Marketing Automation Plugin 5.5.1warning
Post Grid Combo 2.2.4probably-ok
Royal Elementor Addons (Elementor Templates, Post Grid, Mega Menu & Header Footer Builder, WooCommerce Builder, Product Grid, Slider, Parallax Image & other Free Elementor Widgets) 1.3.55probably-ok
User Registration – Custom Registration Form, Login Form And User Profile For WordPress 2.2.6ok
WooCommerce Shipping & Tax 2.1.0ok
Orbit Fox by ThemeIsle 2.10.22probably-ok
WooCommerce Payments – Fully Integrated Solution Built and Supported by Woo 5.1.0probably-ok
Download Monitor 4.7.54warning
Paid Memberships Pro – Restrict Member Access to Content, Courses, Communities – Free or Paid Subscriptions 2.9.7probably-ok
Slider by Soliloquy – Responsive Image Slider for WordPress 2.7.1probably-ok
Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall 4.21.85ok
ShareThis Dashboard for Google Analytics 3.1.4warning
Facebook for WooCommerce 3.0.5ok
Creative Mail – Easier WordPress & WooCommerce Email Marketing 1.6.5ok

Most Recent Tests

Plugin Time Result
DN Popup 1.2warning
Simple Notification Bar 1.0.4ok
Projects Custom Post Type by mbaierl 0.1ok
FraudSentinel Bots & Fraud Detection 1.0ok
LiveCaller – Live Call & Chat Plugin for WordPress 1.0ok
Ultimate WP Multimedia Gallery 1.0failure
Buba Blocks 1.9.3ok
Custom Backorder Messages For Woocommerce 1.12ok
Contact Me Icon 1.0.0ok
Whisk Recipe Widgets 1.1.7ok
Order Meta Editor for Woocommerce 2.0ok
Coyote 2.1ok
Tasti Rapidi 1.0failure
Elysio Form – Widget & Styles Contact Form 7 for Elementor 1.0.0ok
Assist me 1.0.1ok
Auto Login on Register for BuddyBoss 1.0.0ok
Easy SocialShare 1.0.3warning
Účto+ Invoices 1.1.0probably-ok
S2 Donation using Stripe 1.0.7warning
Podiant 1.1warning


What's a "smoke test"?

It's a very basic test where we check that:

Allegedly, the term "smoke testing" comes from the plumbing industry. When talking about electronics, it means "turn it on and see if it catches fire". See Wikipedia for more.

Which plugins are tested?

The goal is to test every plugin in the plugin directory. In practice, we've tested about 98% of those plugins at least once. Some plugins cannot be tested due to technical constraints or because they're missing important details like "Version" headers.

Does an "ok" result mean that the plugin is guaranteed to work?

Not quite. This is just a very basic automated test. There are many types of bugs that it can't catch. Also, we only test plugins in one particular environment (WordPress version + PHP version + server settings). If your server is very different, you might still run into compatibility issues. Treat the test result as a starting point, not a final judgement.

Does a "failure" mean that the plugin is broken and unusable?

It suggests that there's something wrong, but it doesn't always mean that the plugin is broken. Here's why:

Where can I get more information?

Use this contact form to submit questions and feedback.