Automated Smoke Tests for WordPress Plugins

Find out if a plugin works with the latest version of WordPress.

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Plugin Time Result
Click to Chat 3.9.10ok
Download Manager 3.2.48ok
MapPress Maps for WordPress 2.82.4failure
Photo Gallery by Supsystic 1.15.8probably-ok
Header Footer Code Manager 1.1.26warning
A2 Optimized WP
Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery 1.6.9ok
Customer Reviews for WooCommerce 4.44ok
Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening 1.8.32ok
WP Google Map Plugin 4.3.1ok
Booster for WooCommerce 5.6.1ok
Checkout Field Manager (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce 6.0.7ok
Black Studio TinyMCE Widget 2.7.1ok
Clever Fox 12.5ok
Cookiebot | GDPR/CCPA Compliant Cookie Consent and Control 4.1.1ok
SEOPress, on-site SEO
Otter – Page Builder Blocks & Extensions for Gutenberg 2.0.6ok
Orbit Fox by ThemeIsle 2.10.13ok
ThemeGrill Demo Importer 1.8.2ok
Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk 5.180.1warning

Most Recent Tests

Plugin Time Result
Block Patterns UI 0.4.2warning
Resizable Editor Sidebar 1.0.0ok
Email Notifications For WP ULike 1.4.0ok
WOW Best WP Lightweight 2.0.1warning
VoiceMailTel Meet 1.0.0warning
NYX Tickets 1.3ok
Freeton WP 1.0.0warning
Website Verify – Verify your domain ownership in most popular search engines 1.0.2ok
Deluxe Shop as a Customer for WooCommerce 1.0.0ok
Modal Builder Block 1.0.0ok
Beautify Code Blocks via Highlight.js 1.0ok
Winspark Widget Specific Category Posts 1.0ok
SecurePay For GiveWP 1.0.5ok
Custom Fields Missing When ACF is Active 1.0.0ok
Application Passwords Enable 1.0ok
Site Structure Visualizer 1.0.0ok
WOW Best CSS Compiler 2.0.0warning
Gif Search and Embed 1.0.0ok
Delivery Harmony – low flat delivery 1.4.0failure
AspieSoft WP Plugin Icons 1.0.4ok


What's a "smoke test"?

It's a very basic test where we check that:

Allegedly, the term "smoke testing" comes from the plumbing industry. When talking about electronics, it means "turn it on and see if it catches fire". See Wikipedia for more.

Which plugins are tested?

The goal is to test every plugin in the plugin directory. In practice, we've tested about 98% of those plugins at least once. Some plugins cannot be tested due to technical constraints or because they're missing important details like "Version" headers.

Does an "ok" result mean that the plugin is guaranteed to work?

Not quite. This is just a very basic automated test. There are many types of bugs that it can't catch. Also, we only test plugins in one particular environment (WordPress version + PHP version + server settings). If your server is very different, you might still run into compatibility issues. Treat the test result as a starting point, not a final judgement.

Does a "failure" mean that the plugin is broken and unusable?

It suggests that there's something wrong, but it doesn't always mean that the plugin is broken. Here's why:

Where can I get more information?

Use this contact form to submit questions and feedback.